Understand Canva From A to Z Free Account To Pro, We Cover it all inside of this Amazing Video Training!


90%Off Special offer


90%Off Special offer

Have you ever been overwhelmed by a new software update just when you understand how to maneuver inside of a certain platform you get an update and poof,

Frustration with technical stuff

You have to learn where everything is again they hide certain features and buttons and elements with that being the new normal in today’s ever changing digital world keeping up to date with tools you use to earn a living could be very expensive, with that in mind Introducing 🙂 Crushin Canva where we go over the technical process from A to Z inside of canva to get you up and running fast. we go over all the new features and everything that they’ve added to the new user interface, like the AI integration magic studio if you currently use canva.com or would like to start this helpful training course will guide you through everything you need to know:)

With 60+videos inside, you’d be up and running and creating beautiful graphics in no time, “we leave no stone unturned. Every detail about Canva.com” the current platform now, Inside of this mega packed video training course, optimize for mobile use. Here are just a few of the topics we will be going over. Account settings and sub menus. How to use the new AI Integration. Opening your account. The pricing options. Account settings. Documents. templates. file menu layout. saving and downloading. Recording yourself. Adding text sharing. White boards. Creating a website or Blog And Much, Much More:)



90%Off Special offer
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90%Off Special offer

 Module 1: Getting Started with Canva 

  1. 1. **Introduction to Canva**: An overview of the platform and its capabilities.
    2. **Setting Up Your Canva Account**: Step-by-step account creation.
    3. **Navigating the Canva Interface**: A tour of the Canva dashboard and tool panels.
    4. **Understanding Canva’s Core Features**: A look into the fundamental elements of Canva.
    5. **Selecting the Right Canva Plan**: Free vs. Pro vs. Enterprise.

 Module 2: Design Basics

 6**Design Principles 101**: Learning about alignment, contrast, balance, and more.

 7**Choosing Templates**: How to pick the right template for your project.

 8**Customizing Templates**: Making a template your own.

 9**Working with Text**: Adding and editing text elements.

10 **Font Pairing**: How to select and pair fonts effectively.

 Module 3: Working with Images

11. **Adding and Editing Images**: Basic photo editing in Canva.

12. **Advanced Photo Manipulation**: More sophisticated techniques.

13. **Creating Photo Collages**: Best practices for photo collages.

14. **Using Canva’s Photo Library**: Navigating stock photos.

15. **Uploading Your Own Images**: How to use your own photos in designs.

 Module 4: Graphic Elements and Icons

16. **Incorporating Icons and Shapes**: Adding visual interest to your designs.

17. **Utilizing Grids and Frames**: Structuring your layout.

18. **Layering and Grouping Elements**: Organizing your design elements.

19. **Color Theory and Application**: Choosing the right colors.

20. **Creating Custom Illustrations**: Using Canva’s drawing tools.

 Module 5: Branding and Marketing

21. **Building a Brand Kit**: Establishing your visual identity.

22. **Designing Logos**: Crafting a logo in Canva.

23. **Marketing Materials**: Creating flyers, brochures, and more.

24. **Social Media Graphics**: Tailored designs for social platforms.

25. **Email Headers and Signatures**: Professionalizing your emails.

 Module 6: Video Editing in Canva

26. **Introduction to Video Editing**: Basics of video projects.

27. **Adding and Editing Video Clips**: Trimming and adjusting footage.

28. **Using Video Templates**: Jumpstarting your video project.

29. **Animations and Transitions**: Making dynamic videos.

30. **Publishing and Sharing Videos**: Best practices for distribution.

 Module 7: Creating Presentations

31. **Building a PowerPoint in Canva**: Basics of presentation design.

32. **Using Charts and Graphs**: Visualizing data.

33. **Interactive Elements**: Engaging your audience.

34. **Speaker Notes and Presentation Tools**: Preparing for delivery.

35. **Exporting Presentations**: Getting your presentation out of Canva.

 Module 8: Working with PDFs

36. **Creating PDFs**: Setting up your document.

37. **Editing PDFs**: Modifying existing files.

38. **Interactive PDFs**: Adding clickable links and navigation.

39. **Securing PDFs**: Protecting your information.

40. **PDF Design Tips**: Making your PDFs stand out.

 Module 9: Canva for Teams and Collaboration

41. **Setting Up a Team**: Inviting members and setting permissions.

42. **Collaborative Editing**: Working together in real-time.

43. **Commenting and Feedback**: Streamlining communication.

44. **Version Control**: Managing design revisions.

45. **Design Approvals and Workflow**: Establishing a review process.

### Module 10: Advanced Techniques

46. **Custom Animations**: Bringing motion to designs.

47. **Advanced Text Effects**: Text masking and effects.

48. **Creating GIFs**: Animating your designs.

49. **Mobile Design with Canva**: Using the Canva app.

50. **Integrations and Plugins**: Expanding Canva’s functionality.

 Module 11: Monetizing Your Canva Skills

51. **Freelancing with Canva**: Finding clients and building a portfolio.

52. **Canva Affiliate Program**: How to earn commissions.

53. **Selling Your Designs**: Making money with your Canva creations.

54. **Teaching Canva Skills**: Sharing your knowledge.

55. **Creating Digital Products**: Ebooks, courses, and more

 Module 12: Canva’s AI Capabilities

56. **Using Magic Resize**: Adapting designs for different formats.

57. **Background Remover**: Isolating subjects in photos.

58. **Design Suggestions**: Leveraging Canva’s AI for design ideas.

59. **Content Planner**: Scheduling and planning posts.

60. **Closing and Certification**: Final though



90%Off Special offer

Ever found yourself lost in the sea of options while trying to navigate Canva.com? Fret not, because creativity should be laid-back, not stressful! 🚀 Dive into the sleek and updated Canva.com interface like a pro. We’ll guide you through every nook and cranny, ensuring you feel at home in this creative wonderland.

Check out the modules below

  • *🚀 New Features, New Possibilities: Canva isn’t just a platform; it’s a universe of creative potential. Learn about the latest updates, including AI integration and other game-changing features that will make your jaw drop.
  • * Menu Mastery: Say goodbye to confusion. We’ll unravel every menu, from the basics to those hidden gems you never knew existed.
  • *Navigating Canva Like a Pro: Never feel lost again. We’ll guide you step-by-step through the revamped Canva.com ensuring you make the most of every tool and feature.
  • AI Integration Demystified: Embrace the future with Canva’s AI integration. We’ll break down the tech talk and show you how to leverage AI for your creative projects.

“Snapshots” Walking you through step by step…

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canva bundle images
canva bundle images
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